A new beginning

So here's fair warning.... I'm ending the nine months of silence here on the blog. After everything went down with our sweet foster boy last March I just didn't have the inspiration to write anymore. I just really wanted to finish the story but I felt we were in a waiting period. I wasn't heartbroken at all, quite the opposite. But I guess I felt somehow that I couldn't write here about anything until I could finish that journey. It's silly really. And certainly not the only reason I haven't been writing either. I have been busy, but what's new there, right? I think it was more I didn't feel right about blogging about other things when there was this weighty thing unfinished. Whatever, I know I'm weird and that makes no sense, but bottom line, I'm back. Tomorrow is Friday and that means a Fostering Friday post is coming your way. Part one of the miraculous ending to a fantastic journey God took us on.